Lips & Liner


Permanent lip service enhances the appearance and the shape of the lips in several ways. You can opt for a permanent lip liner, lip blending or a full lip tattoo.  Gone are the days when you had to reapply your lipstick several times during the day. Permanent cosmetics has changed all that. With this permanent cosmetic tattoo, your lip color isn’t going to change when you eat or drink. There will be no lipstick marks left when you decide to kiss a person you love. Your lips will remain bright and beautiful. You’ll also be free from the mess associated with putting a lipstick on.  Each one of these possibilities is suitable for a woman who’s trying to overcome a particular problem that includes:

• Excessively thin lips,
• Paleness,
• Undefined lips, harelip
• Sun damage or an allergy that prevents the application of lipstick