·     At Healing Ink Studio we specialize in creating a natural shape and color for your face and lifestyle. This is our philosophy and aesthetic. We will not entertain creating looks per request if it is not aligned with our aesthetic. Please be aware of this before you come in for your appointment. We do not perform the procedure unless you verbally state that you are satisfied with the pre-drawing and are ready to proceed.


    Realistic hair-like strands are drawn in one stroke at a time. Creates a realistic, natural-looking brow, using: *dimensional shading, *custom-created color based on your individual skin tone.

·         Lasts a year or more, but depending on skin type and lifestyle, touch-ups may be required starting from the 6-month mark.

·         Popular choice for those with: scarred/ patchy eyebrows/ have sparseness/ misshapen/asymmetrical brows, want virtually undetectable alteration, minimal makeup wearers, those that want to build color over time, anyone looking for a natural look.

·         We practice only hygienic methods. Brand new one-time use only sterile needles and only all-disposable materials are used on the tray during the procedure.

·         We practice the philosophy of natural aesthetics: that a brow should look fitting on a natural, bare face. This means we will always err on the side of being conservative because the outcome is unpredictable case-by-case. We can always add on in a follow-up session.

3-D is great for people that want a "natural" look. It has a shorter life-span than the Hairstroke Method, lasting typically 8-12 months before requiring touch-ups to maintain a "fresh" look (but can vary case-by-case). For first-timers this may be the method to go with if you're reluctant to commit to a definitive shape.